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take off Date: Feb 3rd @ 12:52pm EST
hey my loves soon we have a great surprise we will go to a very nice place and we will take very hot photos I hope you like ... we will do it for you
new year 2018 Date: Jan 17th @ 3:56pm EST
we are in the first month of the year where we already set new goals and purposes for this new year, I love having you, I hope every day to know each one more thoroughly in the same way you to us ... we are very grateful to the year 2017 since it was a year of learning and new experiences, now we live in Bogota we are starting a new stage of our lives and what better than now with the support of all of you we want a big hug atte parker and alex
ohmibod Date: Oct 7th @ 12:02am EDT
this day is a very special since today we are releasing our new toy UN OHMIBOD LUSH I hope to play with all my friends and that can make my ass vibrate
regreso Date: Sep 20th @ 4:26pm EDT
hello my special guys I would like to share with you that after a long vacation we are back every night .. happy to please each of you with your hottest fantasies ... thanks for all your support I love you I'll be uploading hot pics to my clud fans I hope you subscribe
dia martes Date: Mar 21st @ 10:18pm EDT
Hi my boys today this day Tuesday not is because but I am super eager to have sex but not a normal sex a sex where to experience new things whether it's toys or some things as well as I would love to see the people as she masturbates while we fuck, I CONFESS, is one of my more rich fantasies
end of week Date: Mar 19th @ 12:48am EDT
This week was a climbing and low of emotions between us since this week had many discussions, of course like any couple, but which, thanks to God, always enconrtramos a solution, and at the end of all we always end up wanting a little more... this week also meet 1 year and 4 months together as a couple who have been very beautiful , gradually builds a building, gradually have built this strong relationship... every time sex between us becomes more rich experience new thing despite the weather, new places... here are all these days ready to teach them to PC my followers what's new that we are going to learn... For example parker, always you to liked be active but now has new sensations and emotions of be passive, wants to tell that your ass this well but well too... good my followers gradually les ire counting as going us
Happy St Patricks Day! Flood me with Shamrock please and sorprise - fuck cum suck 69 and more Date: Mar 17th @ 3:40pm EDT
Happy St Patricks Day! Flood me with Shamrock please and sorprise - fuck cum suck 69 and more
pleaseee :) i loveu guys
start of week Date: Mar 14th @ 12:35am EDT
today Monday started the week very hot us like start the week taking the best of them sexes possible, since say that as well as the start so it you'll end up... hope to this night find to someone ready for the more rich experience
i love guys parker and alexandrio Date: Mar 13th @ 3:16am EDT
hey guys going to be back online tomorrow about 11pm East colombia time
hope to see u there and have some fun loveuuu
welcome to my room guys Date: Feb 9th @ 4:52pm EST
I want to invite you to our room to have fun with us we are new here with you but we have a better attitude to make this your favorite room would you like to know us? .
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